Italian sub officer sword knot

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Italian sub officer sword knot with blue gold fringe , blue gold cord for ceremony for sabers and ceremonial swords, official army model.

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Italian sub officer sword knot

  • Broth with gold/blue fringe.
  • Cordon-bleu/gold.


Delivery time: If you would like a specific delivery date - please inform us before ordering - otherwise your order will be processed as quickly as possible but depending on production. Delivery times are indicative and may vary. Apart from a written commitment on our part, they cannot be contested in the event of a delay in delivery.

Additional information:

All our products are manufactured using traditional methods.

We are committed to meeting your needs:

  • 4 generations of experience: Our knowledge of working in forges and our experience with raw materials guarantee you a quality product. We master all the production processes, from forging to heat treatment, polishing, polishing, casting and assembly.
  • Authenticity: All development of swords and accessories is based on original models. This is what sets us apart, offering models that are in keeping with the history of swords. 
  • BALP: An international and experienced dimension: Our know-how, acquired over 4 generations, is fully utilised to provide the best quality. Similarly, with globalisation, we have developed a reliable, international network of suppliers. Contact with many people in different countries has highlighted the fact that there are special techniques still in use that are no longer found in our own countries. This knowledge and these specialities, combined with our know-how, can only contribute to the excellent finish of our products.
  • Material Control: Every stage of production is controlled. The manual processing of our products guarantees effective control.

Technical information on finishes :

  • Stainless steel: The main advantage of using stainless steel is, as its name suggests, its protection against oxidation. Unlike carbon steel, stainless steel does not need a surface treatment to protect it from oxidation. All our blades are forged and tempered in the traditional way. The use of sabres and swords as parade weapons no longer justifies the use of carbon steels, which reduce the life of blades.
  • 24-carat gold plating: Gold plating is considered to be one of the best finishes available and adds extra value. Gilding is a durable, non-corrosive finish that provides excellent protection against oxidation. We use electrolytic baths that produce a 24-carat gilding (approximately 99.3 to 99.7% gold). The gilding is also highly resistant to fading over time.

IMPORTANT: For all orders, please send us a copy of your identity card by post or email as proof of age. The blade is pointed but not sharp. Handle with great care when delivering. Do not leave within the reach of children. 6th CATEGORY WEAPON - NO SALE TO MINORS -

Delivery times: If you would like a specific delivery date - please let us know before you order - otherwise your order will be processed as quickly as possible but subject to production. Delivery times are indicative and may vary. Unless we give a written undertaking, they cannot be contested in the event of a delay in delivery. Please note that this is a hand-made product, which requires production time.

Product customisation

If you need a sword or sabre for a special occasion, a gift to mark a special occasion, or a special product, we can develop special engravings, made-to-measure models from existing models or create new, unique models for you!

We'll advise you through the whole process, from product design to final presentation, including detailed written military specification where necessary.

We can also advise you on how to customise existing products to your requirements using different processes:

  • chemical engravings, orées...
  • blued blade, damascened blade...
  • Creation of coat of arms, inlaid colour logo...
  • Materials, finishes (gold-plated, silver-plated, nickel-plated, inlaid with stones, mother-of-pearl, etc.)
  • Presentation box
  • Ceremonial helmet...
  • etc...

On the basis of your design, we will build the necessary tools and keep you informed throughout the entire production process about the state of development.

In this way, we produce many beautiful pieces, VIP gifts, swords or products for special ceremonies, as well as unique pieces for private collectors.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your project:

  • Please let us know what type of sword you would like.
  • Quantity (from one item).
  • The type of modification or details of your project.
  • The more details you can give us, the quicker we can get back to you.
  • Deadlines for ceremonies...

Please send your request to:

Maintenance of swords and sabres :

To ensure the long life of your product, we recommend the following tips:

  • In general - Metal components :

- Perspiration on the fingers can oxidise metal components over time.

- Salt and other elements contained in the air (e.g. dust, sea air, etc.) can deposit on metal surfaces and also cause oxidation over time.

- Water and humidity can alter all parts of the sword and accessories. They must be kept away from water and humidity. Should the sword or accessory come into contact with water, please clean it thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

-  Clean your sabre or accessories regularly with a soft, dry cloth. We recommend once a month for aggressive environments (e.g. high humidity, proximity to sea air, cities with high pollution levels, etc.) and as required for less aggressive environments. Do not use chemical-based products to clean belts and straps.

- Remove fingerprints and other marks with a soft, dry cloth.


  • Gold components:

- Gold is a soft metal, so rubbing it too hard or polishing it will remove the gilding.

- Do not use abrasive products or sandpaper on gilded parts. All gold-plated parts on a BALP sword or accessory are truly gold-plated.

- Use a special jewellery cloth to clean these parts.


  • Blades:

- All BALP blades are made of stainless steel, except for the models that say carbon steel.

- Minor scratches can be removed with a special jewellery cloth or polishing paste.

- Remove any polishing residue with a soft, dry cloth.

- Never use heavy abrasive products, such as sandpaper or polishing strips, which will destroy the polished finish of the blade.

- Avoid contact with acids or alkaline substances, which could cause a chemical reaction with stainless steel or carbon steel.

  • Sheaths:

- Leather sheaths: Occasional maintenance using a cloth dampened with a clear polish such as a silicon product.

- Scratches on the leather can usually be repaired or hidden with ordinary shoe polish. Be careful to match the colour of the wax to that of the leather.

- Nickel-plated sleeves can be maintained in the same way as metal components (see maintenance of metal components).

  • Accessories:

- Clean your accessories regularly with a soft, dry cloth. We recommend once a month for aggressive environments (e.g. high humidity, proximity to sea air, cities with high pollution levels, etc.) and as required for less aggressive environments. Do not use chemical-based products to clean belts and lanyards.


  • General sabre tracking:

- After each use, clean the sword thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth to remove fingerprints, perspiration and other residues.

- All metal parts, including stainless steel, will oxidise to varying degrees if they are left unmaintained and exposed for long periods to air or other aggressive elements.

- Whether your sword is on display or in storage, periodically clean it completely, including the scabbard, using a lightly greased cloth to protect your sword.

- As the cover can absorb moisture from the atmosphere, we recommend that you store your sword in a plastic bag inside the cover.

- We recommend that you store your sabre or sword with the blade outside the scabbard if it is going to be stored for a long time.

- If your sabre or sword is sent by air, store it carefully in a plastic bag to minimise condensation on the fresh surfaces of the sabre or sword after returning from cooler high altitudes.


  • Use and safety for the Ceremony:

- BALP sabres and swords are for parade use only.

- The tips of the blades are relatively sharp, so take care when parrying.

- The blades are not produced for combat use. Although forged, tempered and produced for flexibility and longevity, ceremonial blades do not necessarily withstand strong blade-to-blade contact.

- Do not use a ceremonial sword or sabre for theatrical combat.

- Use on horseback can result in damage to the sword or sabre, or worse, personal injury.

- The handling of a sabre or sword is a special and studied skill. Don't be extravagant when using your sword or sabre.

- Children have a natural attraction to swords and often confuse them with a weapon or toy. Supervise children carefully. A sword or sabre can be dangerous if mishandled.

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